Completing Your Shining Smile with Full or Partial Dentures!

Dr. Zilka DDS will be happy to explain just what dentures can do for you – and it’s not about “growing older.”  It’s about completing that winning smile!  If you have had to have all or some teeth extracted this can be the solution for you to eat better, smile more fully, and be able to speak correctly.   It’s about boosting your self-esteem.

We would usually prefer to preserve our own teeth, of course, but sometimes that is not the best option for your dental health, and extraction is necessary.  Decaying teeth should be extracted, and replaced with dentures, to optimize your dental healthDr. Zilka, can assist you with your choice for full or partial dentures.   You can be smiling with confidence in no time at all!

If all your teeth have had to be extracted, full dentures are your optimal solution.  Full dentures are a great choice for most, as they do not wish to be without a full set of teeth for esthetic and practical reasons.  As soon as your gums have healed, full dentures can be placed.  Waiting for gum healing, along with your dentist’s recommendation, will help ensure you get the best fit and comfort from your dentures.

Partial dentures are a solution for one or several missing teeth.  Partial dentures are often referred to as a “partial” or “removable bridge.”  Partial dentures do require other healthy teeth for placement and correct attachment, and can even assist in keeping the surrounding teeth healthy and in correct alignment.

An immediate denture could be a choice for some – your experienced dentist, Dr. Zilka, will be able to evaluate whether this is a solution for you.  Whatever is needed to replace your teeth will be tailored just for you.  Contact us for an initial consultation, and we will be happy to give you the personalized denture solution you deserve!  315-866-2460

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